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Jannek Zechner

Pickups used: Real 65 Strat Set

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Brotherhood of the Guitar page

The Berklee College of Music Student Jannek Zechner jumped on the Kloppmann-Train in summer 2013. Born in Oldenburg, Germany, he grew up listening to the old music-gods such as Pink Floyd, The Allman Brothers, Eric Clapton and The Rolling Stones since his dad played them all around the clock. Inspired by his music teacher he then came to the guitar and couldn’t stop since then. The day he picked up the guitar he knew he would one day do this professionally. Always shooting for the stars, he applied at the Berklee College of music and was accepted right away. Since the costs are incredibly high he and a theater from his hometown started a huge donation project to finance his studies for the first year. Successfully. Jannek had lessons with Carl Verheyen, Steve Trovato, Mike Williams and played with many artists throughout the last couple of years. As a member of the “Brotherhood of the guitar” he is a part of a unique group of the best young musicians from all around the world.

Played with: Solo, Jannek Zechner Band (Jochen Bens, Bernhard Weichinger, Markus Kuczewski), Gerrit Winter, Greg Copeland Band, Harrison Withford, Josh Nordlund, Carl Verheyen, Motherfunker, Kalle Popp, Ede Schicke and many more…

Jannek is also Endorser for: Fender, Ernie Ball, Klotz Cables, Deeflexx by HooVi and is supported by Guitar Center

Stay tuned for this boy!

meet Jannek on the net:

Jannek auf Facebook


Brotherhood of the Guitar page

Jannek (Zechner)

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